Every Rustic Wedding Needs These 5 Furniture Pieces

Weddings are a great time to celebrate romantic love and to enjoy catching up with old friends. Often adding to that aura is the wedding’s chosen theme, among the most common of which is the rustic style.

If it’s got a mix of natural, aged, and/or organic elements, then it’s got a rustic feel to it. A rustic wedding design gives off a cozy and vintage vibe that makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.

To help you get started with your vintage wedding decor, we’ve found 5 must-have rustic wedding furniture pieces that will surely add to the natural vibe you’re trying to give the big day.

Birch Arbor

A great way to drive home the rustic theme is to get a birch wedding arbor for the big moment. It’s a simple idea that looks great and adds the perfect touch of nature and elegance to the ceremony.

The beautiful white of the birch mixed with the imperfections of the branches makes for an ideal rustic contrast. After wrapping the snowy branches of the birch with some twine to keep them together, you could even add some sort of floral arrangement to add a nice pop of color to the setup.

Mismatched Ceremony Seating

Another way to pull off a proper rustic wedding is to get yourself some classic, vintage-looking benches and chairs for your ceremony. Feel free to mix up the seating sizes, colors, and materials to get the medley that suits your desires perfectly.

A nice, long white bench for 3 next to a beautiful old mahogany chair, next to a classic green wooden folding seat or next to whatever your heart believes will give your wedding ceremony the rustic charm you’re looking for.

Rustic Swing

Buy or rent one or a few rustic swings to add to the vintage vibe that your big day is giving off. You can use these simply as accent pieces to be dotted around the venue or you can take it a step further.

A strong white wooden swing that’s a little rough around the edges would also be a perfect spot to display your tasty wedding cakes in a way that does those rich desserts justice.

Just be sure that the swing you get is strong enough to handle the weight of all of the sugary goodness that you plan to display on it. The last thing you want is your clever rustic design coming back to bite you.

String Lights

String lights are the perfect way to set the mood for a classic backyard wedding party but they’re a really nice touch for any wedding that’s looking to add a rustic aura to the proceedings.

Especially recommended for those planning an outdoor ceremony of some kind, string lights are well-known to bring a romantic ambiance to any setting. This makes them ideal for weddings! Bring your party to life while also keeping it classy by featuring string lights in your decor.

Outdoor Barrel Bar

Accent your natural and organic wedding decor with a piece of rustic wedding furniture that’s sure to attract everyone’s attention: an outdoor barrel bar. You can find some already put together online but you can also simply buy the parts and make one yourself.

You’ll need two large barrels of the same size and one large slab of beautiful wood to slide on top of them to make a bar or booze station that is sure to become a focal point of the party.

Add in a little garland for some greenery, maybe a few wooden crates strewn about and you’ll really have knocked this piece of rustic wedding furniture out of the park.

Final Thoughts

There are countless ways to go about throwing an awesome rustic wedding that has the natural, organic, and vintage feel that it should. To help get you started, we’ve outlined some ideas for the bigger rustic furniture pieces you’ll need.

From fun string lights to a clever barrel bar, we hope that this list will help you to throw the rustic wedding you’ve always dreamed of!