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$849 $899
  • Wooden Arbor + Draping
  • 26 Tiffany chairs
  • 8m Aisle runner
  • Signing table + Decor
  • Chrome Lanterns
  • Rose Petals along aisle
  • Custom Personalised Easel
$849 $949
  • Round Arbour
  • 32 Tiffany chairs
  • Floral Stands
  • Signing table + Decor
  • Rose Petals along aisle
  • Custom Personalized Easel
$799 $849
  • Wooden Arbor
  • 26 Chairs
  • 8 metre aisle runner
  • Signing Table
  • 'Welcome' chalkboard
  • 'Wedding This Way' sign
  • Drinks tubs
  • Choose your preferred chair style
$949 $1099
  • Large moon arch as pictured at Elizabeth quay
  • 32 White Tiffany chairs
  • 2 large flower urns on pedestals
  • 8 meter aisle runner
  • Signing Table (white)
  • 8 white shepherd hooks with 8 stunning large lanterns and pillar-sized candles
  • Welcome easel
  • Large 'Wedding This Way' sign.
$949 $999
  • Round Wooden Arbour
  • 26 Cross Back Chairs
  • 8 meter aisle runner
  • Signing Table + Decor
  • Personalised ‘Welcome’ chalkboard on an easel
  • Fresh rose petals along the aisle
  • ‘Wedding This Way’ sign
$729 $799
  • Triangle arbour
  • 26 Brown Bentwood chairs
  • 4m Jute aisle runner
  • Rustic Signing Table
  • Signing table decor
  • Large 'Wedding This Way' sign
  • Personalised 'Welcome' chalkboard
$799 $849
  • Large Black House Arbour
  • 24 Black Crossback Chairs
  • 8m Black Carpet / Runner
  • Square Black Bar Table
  • Tolix Stools
  • Two post arbour
  • 24 Bamboo chairs
  • Hessian aisle runner
  • Bamboo Tripods
  • Signing Table
  • 'Welcome' chalkboard
  • 'Wedding This Way' sign
$599 $649
  • Simple Elegance
  • 32 white Americana chairs
  • 2 large flower urns on pedestals
  • 8 meter aisle runner
  • 8 shephard hooks with decor
  • Signing table with tow chairs,
  • Signing table décor
  • Large 'Wedding This Way' sign
  • Chalkboard easel
$799 $849
  • Large Mesh Backdrop
  • 32 white Tiffany chairs
  • 2 large flower stands
  • 8 metre isle runner
  • Signing Table with two chairs
  • 'Welcome' chalkboard
  • Large 'Wedding This Way' sign

With the climate Perth has to offer there’s no better option than to hold your Perth wedding ceremony outdoors. It’s become increasingly popular option to have a wedding ceremony outdoors with so many beautiful places to choose from, lush gardens, stunning backdrop of the city, ocean or old historic buildings. With the right combination of quality furniture, Black Label Events brings you complete ceremony furniture and other products that enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor wedding, but it doesn’t have to be only outdoors, we can also cater for any indoor venue.

Abundance of choices in itself is an annoyance. With meticulously put together wedding packages that hit the perfect balance of simplicity, elegance, and aesthetic appeal, BLE narrows down the list for you. For all Perth’s outdoor ceremonies, you can pick your favourite from our set packages or we can customize to suit your style.

With so many great location throughout Perth we have set packages that blends wonderfully with all kinds of backdrops and venues. Your wedding ceremony in Perth is incomplete without the right choice of ceremony furniture and we bring you those choices.

Every package strikes the right balance of quality decor, service, and affordability. Great outdoor weddings in Perth shouldn’t cost a fortune and we ensure exactly that. We provide complete service from delivery, setup pack down so you have nothing to worry about on your special day!

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