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Décor - Plinths

Plinths and wedding pedestals for hire in Perth. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to showcase your wedding cake or a beautiful display for your floral arrangements, our plinths and pedestals are a perfect solution.
Our range of plinths and wedding pedestals is available in different heights, widths, and styles to suit any event. 
Our plinths and wedding pedestals are versatile and can be utilised in many different ways. They are an excellent option for providing additional height to your displays, focusing attention on the important aspects of your event.
We also offer delivery, setup, and pickup services, so you can rest assured that everything goes smoothly on your big day. Our team will work with you to ensure that our furniture options meet your specific event needs, providing professional assistance and advice every step of the way.

Décor - Charger Plates

Décor - Decor Extra’s

Decor Extra's

Décor - Wedding Arch

Wedding Arch

After wedding arbour hire in Perth? Black Label Events are your source for a top-of-the-line arbour or arch. Whether you want a traditional wooden arbour or something that makes a big statement, we have a range of suitable options to help you put the finishing touch on a picture-perfect day.

Although wedding Arbours and backdrops work quietly in the background, their impact is huge. Upgrading your backdrop allow you to shape the look and feel of the all-important ceremony and wedding vows. These structures can be decorated with flowers, vines, and various other little touches to achieve the precise look you desire! There is no better way to frame your once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Wedding Arbour Hire For Perth Weddings – Quick Delivery’

While the arch and arbour both serve the same overall purpose, it is important to understand the difference before you hire. The signature feature of an arbour is the ability to drape flowers and vines around the structure.

These days, arbours are available in a wide array of shapes that stretch beyond the traditional arch structure. When you opt for Black Label Event’s wedding arbour hire in Perth, we have options in triangular and circular shapes, alongside a variety of different materials. This means that you can match the arbour to an exact theme, style or atmosphere.

All products in our range are carefully shipped to prevent any damage during transit. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to the connect with our team today. Otherwise, feel free to browse the online store, order and receive prompt delivery across the greater Perth area.

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Décor - Candles


Have you ever been told that naked flames are not allowed at your venue? For health and safety regulations, it is often difficult to include real candles in your events. Flameless battery operated wedding candles aren’t on fire, but they can absolutely amp up the romantic feel of your overall event.

Battery operated candles never burn down and convey a magical feeling about your new commitment. They have a natural flicker giving an overall subtle glow to your wedding venue, which is warm and buttery.

Your wedding will have the perfect magical feel to it because there's no flame, smoke, heat, and mess to clear up afterwards. Make your wedding seamlessly lit and blow away your guests with great lightening.

Décor - Card Box

Card Box

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Décor - Cushion


Décor - Ottoman


Décor - Centre Piece

Centre Piece

Décor - Umbrellas