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Tableware - Table Cloths

Tablecloth Hire Perth. Pure Linen Full Length Available in Multiple Stylish Colours. Make your event one to remember with our pure linen tablecloth hire service in Perth. With full length options in multiple stylish colours, our premium tablecloths create a refined and elegant ambiance for any occasion.

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Tableware - Crockery


A stunning celebration is incomplete without careful attention to detail. At Black Label Events, we believe in the power of small details to achieve the ultimate perfection. From the venue and the decor to the seating and eating arrangements, all of it contributes in creating the bigger picture. Crockery is a defining element of any gorgeous table scape. Keeping your crockery in line with the aesthetic can be tough but we love a good challenge and provide you the best options available for hire in Perth

Tableware - Crockery - Irregular Stone

Tableware - Crockery - Charger Plate

Tableware - Crockery - Stone Speckled

Tableware - Crockery - Textured Linen

Tableware - Crockery - Classic

Tableware - Crockery - Blush Pink

Tableware - Crockery - Matte Black

Tableware - Cutlery Hire

Cutlery Hire


Sometimes it is those little things that have the greatest impact; gold cutlery on crisp white tablecloths is a classic example.

It’ll catch your eye and set the scene for a very special day and ensure your wedding reception or event in Perth is memorable from start to finish.

Let’s lift the ordinary to extraordinary with a touch of luxury, whether you choose our stunning matte rose gold, traditional shiny gold or our impressive copper rose gold cutlery, it’ll be at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can arrange a convenient time for you to have a close look at samples of all our ranges of wedding cutlery for hire in Perth, after which we can arrange full delivery before, and collection after, your special day.

Black Label Events – Number 1 for gold cutlery hire in Perth

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Tableware - Glassware


Glassware Hire Perth

Your table decor may have the best design and crockery but it can fall short if you don’t hire quality glassware. Not only do glasses serve your guests their drinks of choice, they also create a luxurious fine dining experience. With artfully designed glassware to embellish your tables, you can ensure that the event pictures will come out fantastic as well. Our collection consists of gorgeous wine and champagne glasses, water glasses or beer glasses that will brighten up your event like never before.

A true connoisseur of beverages understands the importance of the ideal glassware for different varieties of wine and champagne. There is nothing more pleasurable than holding a glistening glass of your favorite wine while you socialize and create unforgettable memories. Let your guests delight their palate with your generous offerings in glasses that meet the high standards you have set. May it be a delectable white wine, a deep red one, some sparkling champagne or just regular water, we provide you specific glassware for hire.

Do You Need Glassware Hire in Perth? Black Label Events Can Help

Planning an event or party in Perth? Save yourself the stress of buying equipment by doing your glassware hire in Perth! Party rentals make more sense to most people than buying these items as people simply use them once and then put them away in storage. Save money and time by trusting your event needs with Black Label Events

Tips for Planning for Wine Glass Hire

New to event planning, then you may have some questions. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your glassware hire service:

  • Know the style of your event. The number and style of glasses you’ll need will depend on factors such as whether you’re offering only wine and beer or a full bar. Whether your event will be a buffet or a seated dinner also comes into play. 
  • Keep it simple. There’s no need to go overboard with your place settings. The basics include a water goblet, wine glass, and champagne flute, but you may want to tone it down to just an all-purpose glass (and perhaps a flute if there will be a toast). 
  • Consider whether you’ll be able to wash glasses. If you are planning to have servers who can wash glasses during your event, you’ll need fewer glasses. 
  • Consult a professional. Ask Black Label Events for advice on how many and which types of glasses to rent. They can offer an educated estimate based on your headcount, what drinks you’ll be serving and other factors. 

What Sets Black Label Events Apart Regarding Wine Glass Hire

At Black Label Events, we offer high-quality event furniture hire for weddings, parties, events, and much more. Here are some of the things you’ll love about working with us. 

  • Personal service. We are not a 9-to-5 business, expecting you to work around our schedule. Instead, we work around yours. Contact us for personalised service like no other. 
  • Affordable prices. We don’t believe in charging a fortune for our services – rather, we’d like to be your go-to event supply hire company, able to provide everything you need for a successful event at an affordable price. 
  • One-stop convenience. Save the time and money associated with multiple vendors. Find everything you need here, from your tables and chairs to your glassware and dance floor. 

We take pride in our personal service and our ability to help you pull off the perfect, stress-free event. 

Why You Should Use Black Label Events

We believe that every one of our valued clients deserves the best possible service. Event furniture hire is our passion, and we love helping our clients create memorable events. We provide event hire for marquee weddings, outdoor furniture hire, wedding packages from ceremony to reception and more. We offer competitive prices and reliable service you can trust. Contact Black Label Events to discuss your special day. 


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