Why you need an experienced wedding stylist in Perth for your wedding

For couples who want to have a delightful, embellished and visually amazing wedding, but are short on time, or don’t know exactly where to start, you need an expert wedding stylists in Perth and here at Black Label Events we offer the ideal solution.

Who are we and what do we do?

The job of a wedding stylist can be quite confusing as it encompasses many different tasks. Simply think of them as a team of creative people who help to turn your dream into a reality. As a wedding stylist they transform your innovative vision for your big day into a realistic and beautiful occasion. They handle all the aesthetic segments of the big day. For example, picking the flowers and decorations for the venue, as well as handling everything from decorating the tables, to dressing the bridal party.

Are they similar to a wedding planner?

No. Many believe that the wedding stylist and wedding planner wear the same hat. However, as much as we like to mix and trade ideas, there are still key differences between the two roles. A wedding stylist is responsible for much of the creative direction and aesthetic style of the wedding. A wedding planner is regularly accountable for the overall organisation of a wedding; from ordering the cake, booking the venue, hiring staff if necessary, and everything in between.

How can a wedding stylist help you?

There are many components that go into making a wedding a memorable occasion. It’s not simply the venue that you choose, but also all the different elements that you embellish that adds to the overall appeal of the big day.

Many like to select a traditional style of decoration, while others embrace a more modern and unique aesthetic for their wedding. Just imagine having somebody who could make this hugely valuable part of the wedding process smooth and precisely in the manner in which you imagined.

Still not convinced why you need a wedding stylist in Perth? Here are a few compelling reasons by our Black Label Events experts which may think you reconsider your decision.

We will make your vision a reality, and save you valuable time in the process

Rather than deliberating over all sorts of different products and designs in an array of different stores, you should simply paint a picture to our wedding stylist about what you are searching for and let them do the hard work for you. Once they’ve shortlisted some of the possible elements, you can then advise them on the most suitable choices for your vision.

Pick something that suits both your personality and body type.

One of the most significant jobs to be taken care of for the wedding, is the styling of the outfits for the day. Browsing the web for inspiration is a great first step, and can help narrow down a particular aesthetic that you want to pursue and customise upon. It’s essential that you choose something that fits you perfectly, rather than just judging it on its aesthetic value. Our stylist will assist you with choosing pieces and colours that work positively for your body, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident when you put your outfit on.

Be in sync with your partner’s style!

It’s important that your outfits are coordinated with your partner’s choices for the occasion. Besides looking stunning in pictures, it can be a very special part of the day to be complimented by all of your guests, particularly if both partners are in sync with their style. Our expert wedding stylists can assist you with selecting outfits that make both of you stand out, but blend harmoniously in the overall style of the wedding.

We can work around your budget to create stunning results

A wedding can be quite an expensive process, with all the different elements often adding up to a hefty price point. The wedding stylist will give you a gauge of how much the outfits will cost even before you step out, and that can assist you with settling on more suitable outcomes. The stylist could likewise assist you with shortlisting elements which are within your budget that you otherwise would have never considered.

Match outfits with the venue, temperature and time.

At times, you may pick an outfit that you love, but neglect to assess whether it is appropriate for the area, season and time of day. You’ll be surprised to know how much of a difference it makes. For instance: If you’re getting married at the beach, you might want to select lighter tones and textures that will cause you to feel less humid. Picking embroidery that doesn’t look too stark in the daylight is also a wise choice. Our wedding stylists will save you the hassle of assessing these factors, ensuring your outfits are perfectly matched to the venue, season and time of day you’re wedding is planned for.

Plan your trousseau better

It is recommended that you have someone who can help you in choosing outfits, adornments and embellishments that are well thought out , and guarantees the full trousseau is finished. Our experts could recommend the perfect investments to make, and what sort of things are out of style or on trend, before you spend your hard earned money.

As mentioned at the start of this article, a wedding stylist differs from a wedding planner in many ways. Luckily Black Label Events have wedding stylists and wedding planners in Perth at your disposal. If you’re searching for wedding stylists in Perth that offer worry free, high quality, budget friendly wedding styling, then contact Black Label Events to help create the perfect scene for your beautiful day.