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Seating Hire - Ottomans

Seating Hire - Bar Stools

Bar Stools
Looking for seating hire in Perth that’s perfect for your next event? We offer unique and distinctive bar stool hire options, available in a range of colours, to suit whatever occasion you’re planning.
Whether it’s a wedding, party, engagement, or festival, our bar stool hire options are the perfect solution. They are designed to provide comfortable seating while adding a stylish touch to your event decor.
Our large range of bar stools is available in unique and distinctive colours, making them perfect for creating the desired ambiance at your cocktail party hire. We offer delivery, setup, and pickup services, so you can focus on the other elements of your event planning without worrying about the stools.
Our bar stool hire options are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your event while providing comfortable seating for your guests. Contact us today to learn more about our seating hire in Perth and our range of bar stool options. We’re here to help you make your next event a success.

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire

Wedding & Event Chair Hire

Throwing an event in Perth? Black Label Events stock more than 6000 event chairs for hire in 23 distinct retro and contemporary colours and styles. Our extensive selection caters to all types of themes and environments.

From lighting to chairs, tables, dance floors and marquees, weddings deserve the absolute best on all fronts. Gone are the days when spandex covers were used to conceal the appearance worn-out and old-fashioned chairs. Our collection of modern chairs for hire tick all the boxes for physical function and appearance.

Explore our current range of chair hire options right here online!

Table And Chair Hire in Perth

Black Label Events bring you the largest choice of wedding chairs for hire in Perth at prices that cannot be beaten. From the understated to the luxurious, our chairs are built to withstand the rigours of your event – with countless colour and pattern options to suit your personal preference.

Why roll out tired old chairs when you can stretch your dollar a tad more and really set the scene for your event! For affordable table and chair hire in Perth, browse online or connect with a member of the Black Label Events team today.

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Rattan Chair

Rattan Chair

Rattan Chair Hire

Elevate the look of your event with our brand new collection of Rattan dining chairs that are available for hire. Our chairs exude a perfect blend of vintage charm and contemporary lines that creates a timeless appeal. With breezy Hamptons-inspired design, they will lend a coastal vibe to you event and make it stand out. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a grand celebration, our rattan chairs for hire will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your occasion. 

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Louis Chair

Louis Chair

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Tiffany chair

Tiffany chair

Chiavari Chairs (pronounced shi-VAR-ee) also known as Tiffany chairs are named after the coastal Italian town of Chiavari, from which they originated. Tiffany chairs are the perfect choice for capturing the magic of a wedding, combining beauty and elegance in the form of a wedding chair that requires few, or any adornments. Tiffany chairs are also known as banquet chairs, and that tells you exactly what else they can be used for. Will guarantee to enhance the interior of any commercial venue! Also suitable for corporate events.

Best of all, our Tiffany chairs can be used indoors or out, so if you had planned an open-air wedding or party, then you won’t go wrong with these.

If you are looking for Tiffany chairs to hire in Perth, you’ve come to the right place!

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Bentwood chair

Bentwood chair

Bentwood Chair Hire

Experience the timeless elegance of our Bentwood chairs, originally developed by an Austrian-German furniture maker in the 1850s. These iconic chairs are available for hire in classic white and rich brown finishes, adding sophistication and vintage charm to your wedding or event. With their graceful curves and iconic design, the Bentwood chairs create a truly timeless aesthetic that will withstand the test of time. Whether it’s your wedding day or a special event, rest assured that your photos 20-30 years from now will still showcase the allure of these exquisite chairs. Embrace the beauty and style of the Bentwood chairs and create unforgettable memories with an enduring touch of elegance.

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Cross back chair

Cross back chair

Cross Back Chair Hire

Black Label Events proudly offers the largest range of event chairs for hire in Perth. Among our extensive selection, the classic and timeless crossback chairs hold a special place in our inventory. With their iconic design that exudes Country, Rustic and Hamptons vibes, these chairs are sure to be a crowd pleaser in terms of both aesthetics and comfort.

We have a substantial quantity of crossback chairs available in various colours, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your event. Whether you’re organising a wedding, corporate function, or any special occasion, our crossback chairs will elevate the ambiance and provide unmatched style and comfort. Experience the charm and versatility of our crossback chairs, and let us make your event an unforgettable success.

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Americana chair

Americana chair

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Bamboo chair

Bamboo chair

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Wire chairs

Wire chairs

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Chanel Chair

Chanel Chair

Seating Hire - Wedding & Event Chair Hire - Throne chair

Throne chair

Seating Hire - Sofa


Event furniture hire is no longer exclusive to folding tables and chairs. Another key item that you will need to consider is the sofa. Sofas/couches are an essential element of both indoor and outdoor events, offering first-class comfort for all sorts of guests.

Investing in temporary sofas is crucial for event that spans a notable length of time, be it anywhere from 1 hour to all day long. This essential form of indoor and outdoor furniture hire allows your guests to relax and socialise in a warm, welcoming, and comfortable setting.

Browse our entire sofa range right here!

Outdoor Furniture Hire – High Quality Sofas in Perth

While typically associated with indoors, sofas are an excellent choice for outdoor furniture hire. Our collection of comfortable outdoor seating features everything from lounger chairs to full size couches, each the perfect complement to our fantastic local climate.

From classic to modern on-trend, singular to full set, our sofas are the ideal addition to an outdoor Perth based event. Black Labels Events even stock complete sofa and lounge packages. Whether your event is beachside or backyard, our range of outdoor furniture for hire has options to pair with any open air environment.

All sofas and lounge setting feature don our website come with fast shipping across the greater Perth area. The Black Label Events team are here to ensure that your outdoor event goes ahead without a hitch. Browse and order online or connect with a member of our staff for further information!