Hiring wooden furniture for a special event helps create the perfect setting

IMG 20171023 194212 374In today’s high-tech environment, plastic has become the default material that allows for cost-effective mass manufacturing of so many products. There is a curious side effect of this ‘plastic generation’ and that is the emergence of wood as something special, luxurious and a material which denotes quality, especially when talking about furniture. As a consequence, if you are looking for an event hire company in Perth or, more specifically, wedding furniture hire in Perth, your first question is likely going to be “Do you have wooden furniture for hire?” If it isn’t, it should be!

In a world where we are surrounded by plastic, wood has gained a new status and whereas before it was taken for granted, many of you now have a new-found appreciation for wood – the look of it, the feel of it, it’s warmth and ‘naturalness’. Wood now means ‘special’, so for a corporate event, or a wedding ceremony, reception or cocktail wedding in Perth you want your guests to feel totally comfortable by creating the right atmosphere.

FB IMG 1509939931912Of course, wood is more expensive than plastic, which is why our company, Black Label Events, has become so popular over recent years. Buying wooden chairs and tables in volume has just become too expensive for many venues or businesses. Take a company which has two or three major corporate events a year; buying, maintaining and storing furniture is not cost effective and, as many of you tell us, “it is just so much hassle”. Fortunately, we specialise in getting rid of hassle, which is why for banquet trestle table hire in Perth or corporate event hire in Perth, our wooden tables and chairs have become the default option, not just because they are made of wood, but because of their quality as well.

We pride ourselves on the fact that every item of furniture we provide as an event hire company in Perth is in brand new, or as new condition. We understand that wood needs to be looked after, carefully maintained and that whatever the event is, you want the furniture you hire to be in mint condition. That is a guarantee from Black Label Events, the best place for event furniture rental in Perth.

20170901 151925 wmWe have one of the best ranges of furniture available for hire in Perth, from Tiffany chairs to rustic wooden tables – whatever the event, we have the perfect furniture to help you create a memorable day. Better still, we don’t just cater to corporate clients and hotels, though we have many on our ever-expanding client list. In addition, we are more than happy if you are an individual looking to find furniture to hire for your wedding, party, or any other celebration.

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine how your event might look with our furniture, but that is no problem. We have taken some great photos of events we have provided the furniture for, which you can see in our impressive gallery of images.

To find out more, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to tell you more. Better than that, if you want to see some samples of our furniture, come down and say hello. Of course, if you’re short on time, we can always bring some samples to you.

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