May it be a fancy dinner party or a dream wedding, lighting is an element that needs special attention an certainly shouldn’t be overlooked for your wedding hire in Perth. Good lighting can instantly add a warm glow that cheers everyone up and makes for the best pictures. While there are many ways you can incorporate lighting to your event, uplighting is a method that stands out from the rest.

Uplighting is a popular trend that creates Uplightan exquisite ambiance to make events extra special. This enchanting effect is achieved by placing lighting units facing in an upwards direction. Uplighting can easily take a bland space and make it look and feel fantastic.

Don’t believe us yet? Read on to find out how uplighting can completely transform your next big event.
Transform the Venue


If you haven’t got the budget to splurge on a highly expensive venue, jhbjlighting can make a huge difference. Good lighting can make your guests forget the venue, bringing more focus towards the delightful sensory experience around them. Uplighting can add an element of grandiosity, making the ceilings seem taller and bringing attention to unique architectural features such as large columns. This adds an illusion of added depth expansiveness to transform your dull venue into a grand one. Even if your venue is already spectacular, its magnificence can be enhanced even more with this unique lighting scheme that will surely set your event apart from the rest.

Charm guests in an Outdoor Settingoutdoor uplighting rental
Uplighting can even add an interesting spin to outdoor venues. Using nature’s elements to your advantage, you can light up your event by adding uplighting to features such as trees and tall hedges. Not only will it provide an enchanting woodland feel, it will also create better lighting conditions for taking the best pictures and making the atmosphere cheerful and comfortable.

Get Creative with the Mood
Your guests might not remember the venue forever, but they will surely remember how your event made them feel. Get creative with the mood of your event and use uplighting to add an ambient touch. Uplighting comes in countless color options that have a huge impact on the end result. Amber lighting gives your event a warm, soothing glow while shades of purple and magenta create a dreamy atmosphere. You can even go for uplighting that changes colors for an interesting and lively setup.

Stay in your Budget
The event of your dreams doesn’t have to break your bank. Uplighting is a cost-friendly solution that can take even the most ordinary venue and décor to the next level. Imagine a low-budget home wedding in familiar surroundings. Boring, right? Uplighting can even make that look incredible! With an added sheen of gorgeous coloured lights creating a diffused effect, your event will go from drab to fab in no time at all.

How to get Uplighting Right
Uplighting may be a powerful technique, but its beauty lies in using it the right way. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you use it successfully.

Use it wisely
Uplighting is no doubt a good look for many events but sometimes it can fall short. Using uplighting in daytime events with lots of sunlight can diminish its real beauty. Meanwhile, using uplighting in an indoor setting at night can truly highlight all the best parts of your event décor.

Choose the Right Colours
Uplighting can be arranged in array of different colours depending on what you like, but choosing the right ones is crucial. Bathing your whole event in a garish colour scheme when you were only going for a fresh but subtle look isn’t the best idea. Amber colours are a safe choice to cast a romantic glow that can complement your event beautifully. Don’t forget to experiment a little before settling on the best colour choice to make uplighting a success.
Highlight the Important Areas
The main attractions of your event including the cake table, the grand floral arrangement and the dancefloor need to be highlighted in order to stand out. So, don’t forget to bring attention towards these important areas with the right amount of uplighting.

Light it up
While you shouldn’t overdo the lighting to preserve some of the ambient effect, under lighting can also be a huge mistake. Use just the right amount of light needed for your guests to feel comfortable and for all your beautiful decorations to be visible. With the right amount of lighting, you can enhance the beauty of your existing décor while also adding a magical element that will turn heads.
Lighting is no doubt a crucial part of event décor that cannot be overlooked. While there are many lighting options available, uplighting is definitely an innovative one that has a number of benefits. Use uplighting in your events now for a look that breaks boundaries.

Still not sure which lighting can make your dream event come to life? Get in touch with us now to explore more amazing lighting options and make your event an instant hit.