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Best Season To Say Your Wedding Vows in Perth

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Wedding days are there to be celebrated, enjoyed and remembered for years to come. Adding some special, personal touches such as furniture, flowers, mood lighting, dance floors and elegant cutlery; you can create an unforgettable romantic atmosphere that will give both your wedding day and your married journey the best possible start.

There are a million things to look over your wedding planning checklist to tick off before the arrival of your big day. Among all the tasks, some are a clear priority such as securing the date for the wedding and securing wedding hire items and furniture accordingly. So when it comes to tasks like hiring furniture for your wedding – without having any previous experience, where do you even begin?

Choosing the right setting for your perfect day can be a daunting prospect. There can be an initial sense of confusion with knowing exactly what to hire, how much to hire, when to start booking things in, and generally making sure it’s all going to come together on the day.

Depending on how you have envisioned your wedding, it could be a classic stately home affair, a hotel with draped ceilings and landscaped grounds, a barn with a rustic outlook or even a marquee setup along the foreshore in Perth. You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect setting to begin your married life once you have decided on the date of wedding and furniture hire that would go along.

We often hear couples saying “I have no idea where to start!’ closely followed by “I feel like I’ve forgotten something”. Sounds familiar? It is completely fine to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, we have endless knowledge when to hire and hoard items and pieces of wedding furniture for your wedding keeping in mind the season you choose. Either you opt for sunny weather, gorgeous blooms, cool evenings or all sparkly feel. It’s a dream of every bride to have the best wedding in town. Some seasons can be super-busy for weddings. Therefore, it is better to decide 10-12 months before to lock in your wedding venue and furniture hire.

1. Summerwedding hire perth
Certainly the busiest season for weddings and event furniture hire companies in Perth, summer season is ideal for planning a fun and party-atmosphere outdoor wedding. Choose a venue that offers lush lawns, stunning views where you can hold an outdoor reception with hired wooden tables and chairs.  Make your venue eye-catching and stand out with Festoon lighting and fairy lighting. Summers is a fabulously magical time to hold an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Outdoor Wedding Reception in Perth. We have put together some great Wedding packages to make your wedding hire decisions easier. Make sure you book your items super early because summers can book out 12months in advance.

2. Winter Ceiling draping hire perth
For those who want to keep their weddings cosy and formal, winters are your month! Posh Hotels are our pick as they certainly offer the best options as their function rooms are secure from all the elements. The detailing that goes into setting the tone for hotel weddings make the weddings extra special. From lush ceiling draping and backdrops to stunning up lighting to illuminate the room, its easy to create a wow factor. Give a touch of Gold to your wedding hire by adding Gold cutlery; Make your guests feel royal too by hiring Gold Tiffany chairs.
Winter weddings are super royal and are mostly held in posh hotels; therefore booking your wedding furniture beforehand will make sure you don’t miss out any special detail.


3. AutumnMarquee Wedding Perth
Our pick for Autumn months – Marquee Weddings. Choose a location along the foreshore that offers stunning views – we can assist if stuck on a location. With the milder weather it will be a lot more bearable for your guests and late evening when the weather cools the marquee will offer protection. Hire outdoor lounges and don’t forget to hire a dance floor with some festoon lighting. The warmth of festoon lighting and fairy lights in the marquee is going to give your wedding the true magical feel. If your are planning an Autumn wedding, get your hands on wedding hire items as early as possible.






4. Spring Outdoor wedding hire

For those who like to celebrate with colours. Spring is your season! Fresh and crisp air, lively atmosphere, fresh food all comes together to make your wedding exceptionally perfect. Our pick for a Spring Wedding, The Swan Valley. With many stunning venues to choose from.




5. Holidays
If you don’t want your wedding to burn a hole in your pocket and still want to have all the fun, think it through way before planning your wedding on holidays like public holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and New Year, etc. This time of the season is hectic as everyone wants to get married during the holidays to have their guests had the most fun.
Planning your wedding last minute can lead to unwanted compromises and disappointments. Even though perfect weddings can be executed in weeks, it will cost you a lot! During the holiday season, furniture hire companies book out soon. Secure your wedding items at the earliest can save you time and the stress later on. However, before you get down into the nitty-gritties, you need to ponder over which season will complement the furniture you are opting for your wedding day.

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