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Thinking of adding a Wedding Arch or Backdrop?

Are you thinking about adding a wedding arch rental to your wedding budget? If so, Black Label Events can help. We offer a variety of different wedding ceremony packages, each with a different type of wedding backdrop. Depending on the style or look you have in mind, there is little doubt that we have a package/arch that will suit your expectations.Whitney arbor

Wedding backdrop hires are becoming more popular among couples planning their ceremonies. Both as a symbolic piece of the wedding design and as an eye-catching decoration, wedding arches are a terrific addition to most weddings.

First, in terms of symbolism, it’s important to recognise what the wedding arch or arbor means. The 

arch is symbolic of protection or home. When a couple gets married underneath an arch, it’s a symbol of the start of their new life together. The arch can represent anything from the future home the bride and groom will share together to the family they are about to start with one another. Simply put, a wedding arbor is a meaningful piece of the wedding experience—one that symbolises a lot of the things that marriage is all about.

Second, regarding decoration, wedding arches look great. Most couples are interested in wedding arbor rentals because they add a visual centrepiece of sorts to the wedding ceremony. Wedding photos with an arch somehow look more complete and romantic than wedding photos without one.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Arch Hire for Your Ceremony

Whether you are getting a wedding arch because you appreciate the Wedding Arbour Hire Perthsymbolism, like the visual spark it adds or some mix of both, Black Label Events can help. We offer a variety of different options for wedding arch hire. Perhaps you like the idea of a bamboo arbor with elegant white draping. Maybe you’d prefer an arch decorated with flowers. Or maybe you are planning a more rustic wedding that demands a wooden wedding arch.

No matter what you have in mind, there is a good chance that Black Label Events has something that matches your needs. Moreover, we structure our wedding ceremony hire packages around our arches, to make sure that every piece of the ceremony setup—from the chairs to the aisle runners—complements the arch or arbour you choose.

When it comes to planning your wedding, the arch is one of the things that’s easiest to forget. It’s not as standard at weddings as many of the other items we offer for hire at Black Label Events—such as tables, chairs, linen, or dancefloor setups. However, the right wedding arch can also add so much beauty and meaning to your wedding ceremony.

Don’t regret not having a wedding backdrop after the fact once you start seeing photos from your special day. Instead, work with Black Label Events to plan your wedding backdrop hire in Perth. Give us a call if you have any questions about the different stylistic options we have available.

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