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Black Label Event’s in one of Perth’s most popular source of event furniture hire. As Black Label Events has grown, so have the needs of those of you who have been kind enough to use the services of our company, and perhaps because this is a family-run business, we have been able to adapt, easily and effectively.

We started out providing furniture for wedding receptions, and have steadily grown the business since then. Nowadays you would find that within the period of seven days our team could be delivering furniture for a wedding, an engagement party, a garden party, baby shower, a business conference and an outdoors music recital!

We have personally learned that price may be critical, yet not at the sacrifice of quality, and quality is what we pride our self on. Our solution has been to do without the costly showroom and associated staff so we can reduce our overheads and meet your budget requirements.

We realised that while a showroom may be useful for casual passing trade, being able to provide a service where we can personally invite you to our warehouse located at 3/31 Farrall rd Midvale is a more popular option anyway. What we have also learned about the nature of this business is that for those of you who are organising an event, stress can reach uncomfortable levels. We have had more than my fair share of phone calls where it has sounded as though the world was about to come to an end, and have found the best way to help is to be available morning, noon and night, seven days a week. It is not as dramatic as it sounds, and no we are no superheros. All it means is that you can ring us on our mobile or send a text message, any time, and we’ll try our best to answer. We don’t spend all our days and nights sat at a desk, but our fones we do keep on us at all times. Black Label Events is not a 9 to 5 business where you have to fit in around our working hours, instead we fit in around your needs.

We have two part-time staff who help out on busy days when delivery schedules have to be met. With a fleet of modern vehicles, if you can call two vehicles a ‘fleet’. A bright green 2016 Renault Traffic van that’s hard to miss, while for major deliveries, we have a 2016 Isuzu four-ton truck. That means we can minimise delivery charges, while still offering the capability of delivering large volumes of furniture.

Finally, because we are a family-run business, we can be flexible on our pricing and there is no boss breathing down our necks demanding targets be met. Instead, if we’re quiet and you have a tight budget, just ask if we can help you out, and if we can, we will!

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