Planning a Perfect Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your wedding plans are likely to be filled with anxiety as a global pandemic causes sweeping uncertainty across the world.

Whether you have meticulously planned your own wedding down to each and every tiny detail or you just have a basic outline of what you want, any of the plans you decide upon will be affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Making a bad situation worse, wedding costs in Perth can run much higher than the surrounding region. This comes at no surprise to any wedding planner in Perth. A Pacific Magazines survey called the ‘Cost of Love’ in 2016 calculated that wedding costs have doubled in the past ten years! But this does not mean couples should give up on their dreams.

The truth is that if you look in the right places, affordable wedding solutions are out there. If you are searching for an affordable wedding planner to create the perfect wedding plan that fits your budget, then you have come to the right place.

Let us go through some tips and tricks to make your wedding day grander, safer, and more affordable.

Picking the Right Day

The past few months have seen a flurry of panicked couples making abrupt changes to their weddings all around Perth.

The local news source, Perth Now, reported that couples are racing to say their vows fearing more stringent social distancing regulations in the future. They can be excused for their hasty decisions while uncertainty looms overhead, but you can avoid such decisions by learning from their plans.

When you book your wedding, you should try to integrate alternative options when possible. Consider contacting your vendors to see if you can arrange alternate reservation days if the wedding cannot be held on your first chosen date.

If you do decide to plan and reserve an alternate day, it is crucial that you communicate your plans to friends and family before the wedding day. Having everyone on the same page will reduce stress and anxiety on your end.

Choosing the Right People

With couples opting to postpone or downsize their weddings at a moment’s notice, you really need to find the best wedding planner in Perth to handle the constantly changing situation.

Couples have different reasons for making these changes. When fears are high, couples tend to postpone their wedding to a later date that makes them feel more comfortable. Three months ago, many couples believed the situation could be controlled by June.

This crude projection turned out to be false, but it did entice couples to go through with their wedding plans this month. As you can see, it is helpful to have a wedding planner in Perth who is up to date with the latest health guidelines and projections.

A sudden uptick in cases locally could potentially cause a couple to downsize their wedding by cutting down the number of people involved. This is also something would-be married couples should add to their consideration lists for preparation.

Finally, it is also important that you pick competent vendors. The right furniture vendor can provide you with enough chairs so that you can strategically organize your wedding to obey the recommended social distancing guidelines. Your wedding planner in Perth can help you make these decisions for a smooth wedding day.

Putting It All in Perspective

However, there is one thing that many couples forget to think about until their wedding day. What is that you might ask? It is the reason why they want this wedding in the first place. Life is all about planning to face and overcoming challenges. So, it is time to put your worries aside and make your dreams a reality.