Retro Becomes Vogue with Festoon Lighting in Perth

festoon lightingA festoon is an old English word for flowers, leaves or ribbons hung in a curve as a form of festive decoration. There is no more appropriate word to describe this retro looking string lighting we have available for hire at Black Label Events in Perth.

We have even incorporate ‘Edison-type’ bulbs with all our festoons lighting kits.

So, what’s so special about these Edison bulbs? They have a wonderful retro, old-fashioned look to them, giving off a gentle, soft and warm light that also allows you to clearly see the filament inside. These help to create the perfect ambience for a romantic setting such as a wedding reception that has lasted well into in the evening, or an engagement party. While LED lighting might be great for the home, the light emitted still has a ‘cold’ look, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. With our Edison bulb festoon lighting in Perth, there is enough light to see what is going on around you, but you won’t be lighting up half the neighbourhood or beyond!

The beauty of festoon lighting is it can be located anywhere and everywhere, outdoor marquees to indoor warehouses and why not complete the look with our wooden tables to bring out the best in their natural colour.

Whether you want your festoon lighting in regimented lines, or randomly draped around arbors and trees, we can provide as much festoon lighting, for indoor lighting hire and outdoor lighting hire, as you need, just give us a call and we can provide you with a quote, or you can just tell us how much you think you’ll need (we always bring along a bit extra)… DIY kits also available!

Festoon Wedding Lights

Nothing beats the romantic and atmospheric glow of Edison bulb festoons for when your wedding reception continues into the evening. Our festoon lights for hire in Perth are perfect for use both indoors and outside.

Festoon Party Lights

Edison light hire in the form of our festoons will create a memorable look and will help to set just the right ambience at any party, whether indoors in a barn, or outdoors for a barbecue.

Corporate Festoon Lighting

Corporate events need to create the right impression, and with our festoon lighting in Perth, you are guaranteed the perfect look every time. Our festoon lights can transform the look of any room with just the flick of a switch!