When it comes to a high-end event, each element of the décor makes a huge difference. Be it the colour scheme or something as small as the flowers, careful attention to detail can take your event to the next level. Cutlery is a crucial aspect of a table setup in any luxury event. Not only does the cutlery go hand in hand with a pleasant dining experience, it can also reflect your overall aesthetic for a cohesive design scheme.
Sadly, cutlery is also the most overlooked element and most organisers downplay the importance of the perfect tableware for bringing an event to life. This reflects in the limited cutlery options provided by different vendors found in Perth. Fortunately, at Black Label Events we focus on the minor details to create a stunning bigger picture. Our out of the box thinking and attention to minor details presents itself in the form of exquisite cutlery options for a truly extraordinary dining experience.
Our cutlery catalogue is enriched with an array of diverse options for you to choose from, making us the number one cutlery hire service in Perth. Read on to find out more about all the different cutlery options we provide and how you can make them a part of your prestigious event.

Eye-catching Shiny GoldShiny gold

Turn heads with sparkling gold cutlery that will catch attention from miles away. If you’re someone who loves making a bold impression then this is the perfect option for you. You can lighten up a dull table with the glowing beauty of golden cutlery with a shiny finish. May it be a super elegant wedding or a glamorous party, this gold cutlery will add a dazzling shine that is hard to match.
With Black label events, gold cutlery hire is no longer a problem. We provide you a whole cutlery set complete with entrée, main and desert utensils in a shiny gold theme that your guests will love.

Luxe Matte Goldmatte gold

Revel in the luxury of gold with an elegant twist. Matte gold cutlery takes the charming gold hue and gives it a subdued elegance with a matte finish. If you love gold but want to opt for a gentle glam look, matte gold should be your number one option. Fit for a number of diverse events, matte gold cutlery is a versatile solution that can set you apart from the rest.
Shiny gold may be a mainstream option but matte gold is a special shade and finish that is rarely available for hire. At Black label events, we have created an inventory of the rarest finds to bring you the most unique pieces of all. Enjoy our full range of beautifully crafted matte gold cutlery for hire in Perth and turn your events into a magical affair.

Sparkling and Shiny Rose Goldrose gold

Be a part of the latest trends with a touch of rose gold to your event. Rose gold is a shade that has come into the limelight quite recently and has become an instant hit. You might have seen rose gold phones, jewellery, shoes and much more but rose gold cutlery is quite a rare thing to come by. Enjoy the beauty of the dazzling rose gold cutlery that is definitely worth the hype.
Made with a rose gold hue and a shiny reflective finish, these cutlery pieces are a sight to behold. Black label provides you the opportunity to make them a part of your event to shine as bright as you can.

Matte Rose Gold

Give your guests a fine dining experience like no other with cutlery that is one of a kind. Rose gold cutlery with a matte finish is the height of true elegance. After the resounding success of rose gold, rose gold cutlery is bound to make a brilliant impression. Pair the beauty of this enchanting shade with a stylish matte finish that will leave everyone awestruck.
Black Label Events gives you a complete set of matte rose gold cutlery to enjoy on your special day. Delight your guests with this unique offering and make your next event absolutely perfect.

Classy & Bold Black cutlery hire perth

Black never goes out of style and a classy black cutlery set is exactly what your next event is missing. Cutlery comes in all shapes and shades, but black cutlery is definitely a rare find. May it be a high-end corporate event of a black and white themed party, black cutlery can be the hallmark of luxury on your next occasion.
Black label events believes in giving you a voice through unique offerings that create an extraordinary event. Enjoy the best cutlery hire services in Perth and display your style to perfection.


Final Word

Imagine your dream event, complete with exquisite cutlery that resonates with your vision. Such an event can now be a reality with the help of Black Label Events. Get in touch with our dedicated team now to tailor an event that exceeds expectations and transcends the boundaries of reality into a dreamy world where all your wishes come true!