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Planning a wedding is romantic, exhilarating and exciting. It’s also stressful, involving many moving parts and a very firm deadline. From choosing the venue to picking the guest list, all the way to hiring a team of professionals (DJ/bank, photographer, florist, etc.) to make your day special, planning a wedding is a major undertaking. If you want to make things easier on yourself and your fiancé, Black Label Events can help with wedding ceremony hires in Perth.

What Is a Wedding Ceremony Package?


At Black Label Events, we help couples plan their weddings by offering many of the things they need on a ‘for hire’ basis. We rent out tables, chairs, wedding arches, dance floors and more. Whether you are having a small ceremony and reception in your backyard or a massive wedding at a gorgeous outdoor venue, we can provide everything you need to set the space up for a fun night.

Our wedding ceremony hire packages are designed to take some of the guesswork out of the hiring process. We know that planning an outdoor wedding involves a lot of logistical hurdles that you wouldn’t necessarily have if you had chosen an indoor venue. We also know that the ‘a la carte’ approach—of renting everything you need separately—can add substantially to the logistical stress (and eventual cost) of the wedding planning process.

Thus, we put together an array of ceremony packages to make life easier on our soon to be married couples. Each package is a little bit different, ideally suited to a different type of outdoor wedding. We have a beach package for seaside weddings and a candlelit package for intimate evening ceremonies. We have wedding arch packages in a few different styles. We have a package that is perfect if you are planning a champagne ceremony. Each package includes a wedding arch, arbor, or pagoda, an aisle runner and ceremony chairs. Other inclusions vary from one package to the next.

No matter which of our wedding ceremony packages you choose, we will provide a complete service to go along with the hire. That service includes delivery and set up before the wedding, as well as teardown after the wedding. You won’t have to lift a single finger to get your venue site ready for the ceremony, because we take care of everything for you.

Work with Black Label Events to Plan an Affordable Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor weddings in Perth can get expensive. wedding ceremony hire perthEven if you are getting married on your own property, renting all the furniture and décor for the ceremony and the reception can cost a pretty penny. When you work with Black Label Events to arrange a wedding ceremony hire in Perth, you get an affordable, all-inclusive package for your ceremony. From there, you can work with us to arrange any additional furniture or décor you may require for your special day.

Don’t let the stress or cost of a wedding spoil the romance or magic of this momentous day. Instead, call Black Label Events today and simplify everything with one of our wedding ceremony hire packages.

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